Where Not to Go for Calzones

To say I’m a cheese lover, is an understatement. I can eat almost anything with some good cheese on it. I found Lorenzos (http://www.lorenzos-pizzeria.com/) a few years ago on a girls night out at the nearby Sports Connection. We needed a little fuel before and after the fun.

Lorenzos was slammed, with chatter and the smell of good food, especially pizza. It was then that I found my fav calzone place. Being a calzone lover for years, it was hard to find a good place that knew how to make just right.

So yesterday, when I was craving cheese of course, I stopped by Lorenzos. But after having a bit of what was my fav, I was sadly disappointed. Not only did the calzone not look pleasing, bread that looked like it wasn’t even cooked, the cheese stuffed inside looked aged….in a bad way! When warmed up, it totally fell apart. The bread was almost rubbery & the cheese was just a block of cheese!

It appears that Lorenzos will no longer be my fav….for calzones. Now they still serve a decent slice of pizza but truthfully I can get that anywhere!

Bye bye Lorenzos….. 





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