Awesome Mexican…Pacos Tacos


Hidden off of Morrison Blvd at Southpark, a Mexican treasure exists…Pacos Tacos!  Unfortunately, positioned in the wrong place in the shopping center, but what a find.  Those of you from the Charlotte area will recall this place formerly as Manzetti’s Tavern.  I found this place when I met up with an old friend to catch up over a good meal.  Just as the former restaurant, once you walk through the doors, you’re hit by a large bar stocked full of everything.  The dining room is large & open with a festive decor.  The menu is large, with authentic Mexican food and spirits.  And the kitchen is certainly not backed up with tickets.  Our food, ordered during rush hour lunch time with a full restaurant, was out very fast.  And sizzling hot!  TAnd plentiful…..plates are large & packed with food!  Go here with a large appetite.  Chicken fajitas are must try.  The meat is sizzling when served.  And lots of sides to fix a yummy meal.  Pick your choice of beans & go for it.  Chicken enchiladas are great too & again plentiful!  The service is fantastic too, just like the food! Definitely coming back again to enjoy maybe even dinner.




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