Taco Mac….Beer Time


Taco Mac….another great find! For some time now, I’ve had friends talk about Taco Mac. A place to mingle, hang out & watch the game, & have some great drinks. I didn’t quit understand all the hype until I recently took a co-worker to lunch there and now I’m hooked!

First of all, before you even hit the dining area, you are surprised by three large plaques on the wall. No these aren’t about the awards the restaurant has won or articles but the Beer Club members. And there are quite a few names on them! Once you enter, you’re immediately greeted by several friendly staff ready to show you to your table & allow you to start the “experience.” Seating includes large/roomy booths, regular tables, and high tops. The high tops are great especially if you’re in the mood to drink local beer, as they are equipped with beer taps you can pour yourself.

The menu is quite large and not set to one cuisine. You have the bar food like wings, available in varying spiciness up to the death sauce, and hummus, and then Mexican food. The chicken fajitas are good, not as plentiful as Pacos Tacos but still good and flavorful. Hummus is great, especially with the barbecue sauce which adds a little zing to the food. And I love spice! The hot boneless wings are a little dry and really not spicy. One believes if you order “hot” it would be spicy but if the “death” sauce is added, it’s much better. The boned lemon wings were better and juicy. The salsa for the chips is very bland, more sweet then Mexican. The queso is better but cools quickly and looses its taste. Fried pickles were nice and crusty & spicy. The beer battered cheese bread looked and tasted more like a donut. Doubt I’d try this one again.

Desert menu is nice but skip the s ‘mores brownie unless you love marshmallows because that’s all you can taste. The vanilla cake donuts dipped in caramel sauce were absolutely delish! Fluffy and tasteful. Now let’s turn to the beers. The bar is a marvel to look at with 140 beers on tap & lit up in the evenings. It’s a great area to mingle after work with others & the atmosphere is very fun & lively. The bartenders are educated in their beers, happy to select a few beers that meet your tastes and offer samples too.

The restaurant is full of flat screen TVs for all the sports coverage one human being could never consume! And the bar has the largest screen, 80+ TV, for your delight. Great hangout for football and basketball season. And with March Madness upon us, it’s packed full every Thursday, Friday & wknd.

Another great place to try on Piedmont Row but just remember, if you want hot & spicy food, ask for the very hot sauces! Next week, reviews for Brick Tops and a new wine place in Southpark….stay tuned and eat good.


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