BrickTop’s – Semi Fine Dining

biglinkBrickTop’s – Semi fine dining…..

BrickTop’s, off of Morrison Blvd in Charlotte, NC, is a good place for formal business meetings. It’s also what I’d call a fine dining restaurant, for lunch that is.
Located in the heart of the shopping center, you can’t miss this restaurant as you turn into the parking lot….as they say Location Location Location! With several restaurants in the Southeast, the brand is certainly growing.
With friendly staff to greet you to your table, to the well informed waiters & waitresses, this restaurant runs like a well oiled machine. And I enjoy eating at a place where the staff knows each and every dish’s ingredients and can make recommendations based on your flavor pallet.
I’ve visited BrickTop’s only at lunch and it always seems to be a little busy but not totally full, which is great for meetings. The dining area is split up between the main dining room and bar area with tables and spacious booths. In the bar area, you’ll be greeted by beautifully hanging chandeliers to light up the area & to create a great ambience. If you’re seated in the main dining room, enjoy the view from a nice large round booth in the middle of the floor. It’s a great spot to be to view of all the food coming out from the kitchen. This was the perfect seating for my first trip a few weeks ago to BrickTop’s. It was helpful for us to see the food to help us all decide what to have!
The lunch menu is small but carries the basics i.e. appetizers, salads, fish, and chicken and ribs. The appetizer to try is deviled eggs and sugar bacon. It’s touted as the restaurant’s house specialty & I agree! Served in a plate of juicy, flavorful bacon with a side of hot sauce. Now, a fan of bacon I’m not but the crispiness and taste of the bacon is just delish especially when it’s paired with the eggs and hot sauce. The spinach & artichoke dip is ok, nothing to rave about. If you order the creamy spinach as your side, it’s the same thing. The margherita flatbread is quite nice with the Italian burrata and tomatoes. Basically a pizza but with better cheese and fresh tomatoes and very fulfilling. The parmesan crusted chicken is quite nice too. The chicken is juicy and cooked just right with a little lemon drizzled over it to add to the taste. My only one comment on it would be about the dry noodles served with the dish. There is no sauce and the noodles have no taste. I ordered a side of pesto to add which was quite good. Being a starch lover, I had to order the side of fries with the chicken and they were yummy. Flavored well & cooked evenly, these shoe string french fries couldn’t be resisted by anyone on the table. The dessert menu is small as well but has the basics i.e. chocolate, cheesecake, banana pudding, bread pudding. The Chocolate Chip was served in its own hot skillet with vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce but it’s a hit and miss. The first time I had this dessert it was delish but on a second visit today, the cookie and the sauce were very sugary. The only thing I liked about it today was the ice cream. The warm bread pudding, described as “better than my mom’s pudding” is quite good. But I’m definitely going to try their hot fudge sundae next time!


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