Authentic Mexican….or it was supposed to be!

Not professional at all...when you make changes don't use Whiteout!

Not professional at all…when you make changes don’t use Whiteout!

1900 Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar in Southpark on Park Road is hidden away in a nice shopping area. Full of other restaurants like a sub shop, Portofino’s& Harris Teeter, nice busy location.

I was first introduced to this place by a friend who absolutely loves it! And the only Mexican restaurant she’ll eat at in the area so thought it must be great.

On the first visit, it was extremely busy. In fact, we had to ask about our orders 3 times. 2nd visit, it was dead….hmmmm. When you walk in your surprised at the size of the restaurant because from the outside it looks like a hole in the wall. But I’ve learned through the years, those are the best places! The menu has a little of everything Mexican but what was nice is that it tasted authentic! You can tell when a restaurant has just warmed up some store bought food and when they’ve actually cooked it fresh. The taste of the sauces was nothing like you’d find at a fast food place. But I must say, either the chefs changed from my first or second visit or the chef was having a bad day.

Yes, it was March Madness & perhaps the chef was busy watching the games then paying attention to the quality of the food. The salsa was totally bland, even the extra hot sauce didn’t make it better. The chips were great but what to eat with! I, as always, changed up the order. Taken without hesitation but delivered with nothing but green peppers…burrito with beans/green peppers..not all that great. Rice was ok but very dry & again bland. Hot sauce needed to make it taste good. The Carne Asada looked good and plentiful. The lunch date enjoyed it without complaints.

I’m on the fence on this place but will give it one last try to see if it’s really good place!

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