Well it’s been a few days since I’ve shared about a restaurant but gotten a little bogged down.

So, let’s chat about Luisa’s Pizzeria at Abbey Place near Park Road in the Southpark area NC.  Taken to lunch by a friend, who knows how much I enjoy Pizza, and I wasn’t disappointed.

When you walk in, you can feel the homely vibe.  Everyone seems to know each other in this hidden gem.  You walk up to this restaurant thinking, geez what a long walk & too many stairs…but the smell of freshly made pizza makes it worthwhile.

Walk in and you’ll see the large wood fried oven, where every pizza is made.  Now this restaurant is known for its buffet at lunch for only $8 including drink .  In fact, I don’t recall seeing anyone ordering off the menu the day we visited.  Pies are made fresh, along with salad, and a pasta salad.  Now this is no CiCi’s but still very good.  Don’t see your pie on the buffet line, request it and less than 5 minutes, it’s out there.  I would recommend the pesto and cheese pizza….delish. Not my usual but  I’ve found my new favorite!  And pesto with onions is just as good.  Not too much pesto but enough to give you that zesty taste.  And let me warn you, it’s thin crust only but if you have this crust, you won’t want any other crust.

Service is fast and friendly and they are constantly checking on you to see what you may need.  A few TVs around in the restaurant so you can keep with the news or games, whatever your poison.  Only pitfall is parking since it’s located in shopping center.

Definitely worth visiting again!




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