Ahla w sahla! (Welcome) to Al Amir – Columbia, SC

Sorry it's just a regular wood fried pizza...nothing Middle Eastern about it but it was good

Sorry it’s just a regular wood fried pizza…nothing Middle Eastern about it but it was good

ImageOne thing I enjoy is trying international food.  Now, nothing too off the beaten path like Chinese cat or other animal J

I was turned on to al Amir by a friend who had the same taste in food I do.  Breads, spice, and curries are my thing…and thankfully hers too! 

Al Amir is a Middle Eastern restaurant hidden on Main Street in a small little strip of other food places. 

Now I’ll warn you, parking sucks!  And be careful when driving around cause you’ll have college kids coming out from everywhere.  Guess that’s why they picked that location, definitely gets a lot of traction. 

The décor is totally Middle Eastern at the entrance only.  Would be nice if they carried it throughout the restaurant.  From the hookahs to the gold framed doors to the pictures and other nick nacks…it is nice.  Apparently the owner actually brought these pieces from overseas so they are authentic.

The cooks are authentic and it surely tells in the food.  The hummus is delish and has just enough heat for me.  Ask them to make it even spicer & they are happy to accommodate.  The Damascus bread is the best…and a large portion so be ready to share.  You could have the hummus and bread as your entrée.  The falafel is ok but I’ve had better.  Unfortunately, the falafel I had looked & tasted like it was over done.  And no pita pockets…..just on pita bread.  The cucumber & yogurt sauce could use some heat too.  The pizzas are nice.  I had the Al Amir cheese wood fried pizza.  A little surprised to see pizza on the menu though.  Thinking this Al Amir pizza would have some spices or sauces from the Middle East is a mistake.  It’s just a regular pizza.  If you want Middle Eastern pizza, order the Lebanese one.

Good non alcoholic beverages though I wish they had the mango drink that was featured on their menu board for the day. 

Good atmosphere and definitely a Gamecock hangout.  The place is full of students and professors of all ethnicities.  Staff is friendly and quick.

Not a bad place to try!




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