Rooster time!

basilRoosters on the Run on Morrison Blvd in Southpark, NC is the latest place I tried. Hidden in a little shopping center, the restaurant itself is quite large.  As it says in the name, it’s a Roosters a restaurant….literally. 

Roosters décor adorn the restaurant entrance & walls.  In fact, one part of the wall is full of stuff roosters….a little scary if you visited one evening and had a few cocktails!

The menu was very nice.  Since we visited on a dreary, rainy day soup was in order.  Three tomato basil soups came out very quickly, unfortunately barely warm.  But that was rectified immediately when the floor manager & waiter came by to collect and warm up the soups.  And this time they were piping hot & yummy.  So smooth and flavorful, black pepper wasn’t even needed.  We all finished up our dish…so clearly we didn’t like it J   Not served with crackers or croutons but rather bread with Italian oil…eat it however you want.  The entrees were good too.  I had the grilled pimento cheese on white bread toasted.  Oh my, it’s been a while since I’ve had good pimento cheese, homemade.  The sandwich was so full of tomatoes, cheese (of course), and peppers I could barely eat it all.  Very fulfilling & tasty.  The side, macaroni & cheese, wasn’t all that great.  While the pasta tasted fresh, there was very little cheese on it though I was impressed that it was real cheese & that packet made cheese.  Unfortunately, it missed the mark and didn’t recover with the hot sauce.   The salad’s looked delicious and plentiful as did the other sandwiches.  In fact, if you order anything off the menu, be ready to eat lots or share.  And then dessert was magnificent.  We ordered the plate of truffles for the table & devoured them quickly.  Three truffles served on a plate of caramelized sugar brittle were presented, two chocolate & one other something.  The dark chocolate was great and the milk chocolate was mixed with a little bourbon, which couldn’t taste but were told out.  Now the third was something else like strawberry cheesecake.  None of us cared for it because it was bland and boring. 

The service at this place is phenomenal.  From the waiter that told us all about the menu items to the floor manager that was quickly able to resolve our cold soup issue to the staff that cleared our table just as we finished our meal.  Anything can be forgiven with excellent service! 

It’s averagely priced considering you’re eating in the Southpark area.  All in all, wonderful place.

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