Cafe Nirvana! Under new management – Grand Opening May 3

ImageCafé Nirvana – 521 Lancaster Hwy Pineville, NC

I remember when this “Indian Fusion” restaurant opened up close to Ballantyne.  In fact, it prompted many new Indian restaurants in the area but they were the first.

Always a good atmosphere, good service, & good food.  Unfortunately, as the economy tanked, so did this place.  Revolving door with staff & the food/service suffered.  Bar…what bar…all they had available near the end was beer/wine…if you were lucky enough to go there when they had any.  And then vacant for months.

It’s been ages since I’ve been back but just couldn’t resist when I drove by recently & saw the Open sign.  I was surprised to see it empty but it was a little early for dinner, close to 6.    But the service was great as I remember it.  And the food was just the way I like it, Hot Hot Hot!    Paneer 65 was definitely a good dish, with just enough sauce and heat to set your tongue on fire.  And gone are the days when you looked at your plate & went “where’s the food?”  This dish was more than enough for two to share.  Dosa is my weakness…and Mysore dosas are the best so of course I got that.  Nicely served to a crisp brown color, stuff with spicy masala.  More than enough to feed me.  The samabar a little different than my usual taste but flavorful.  Just needs a little thinning out. 

Clearly, the new management has made the difference in this place.  It helps that the new owner already has a successful restaurant at Myrtle Beach & the new manager is ready to bring the “spice” back in the place…in food and fun.  While Café Nirvana is going through lots of changes, they are all good.  The bar is gonna be back up soon and the “fusion” in the name restaurant will be reflected in a new menu.  And a few fun activities will draw the crowds in.  The Grand Opening is May 3 so make sure to stop by and try it out.  You will not be disappointed!


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