Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar….now that’s a name!

breakfast I was traveling recently & decided to pop into this place for a quick breakfast.  Conveniently located across from my gate, I thought for sure they’ll have something other than just burgers and I was right!  Though they are known for the various types of burgers served, they also offer bar food.  In fact, I took a second look thinking it was Bid Daddy’s, which I’m more familiar with.

 The staff was very friendly & seated me quickly and took my order.  And the food appeared just as quickly.  Scrambled eggs, with cheese & veggies, well done.  By now, you realize I’m a very picky eater and always add my own twist on any menu item so of course I had to ask them to have the eggs nice & crispy brown.  And they were right on the money!  The Texas Toast served with it was certainly lacking.  But the waitress quickly took care of it & had fresh bread brought out.  Can’t believe they were serving that rock bread to anyone!

 Drinks are the usual though, in the mornings a good mimosa helps me wake upJ  Unfortunately, the selection is limited so no strawberry or mango mimosa but the usual one with OJ hit the spot.  It was served in a red wine glass rather than usual champagne but was still as good.  Though the cost of it was shocking….$12 Cost even more than my breakfast of $8.  And by looking around the restaurant, the favorite morning drink was the Bloody Mary or the Mud Slide, both great choices.

Worth a try if you’re a burger lover and good breakfast but if you’re not in the mood to break the bank on your alcoholic beverages, find another place!





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