While in Dallas TX recently, I visited a great wine bar called Crú Wine Bar.  Having been to one of these before in NC, I knew it would be a good experience. 

Most Crú’s are designed with the same concept in mind, Wine Wine Wine!  Usually a small wine bar/restaurant offering wines by the glass, bottle, or flights with a limited menu of cheese and small plates.  And this place was no different.

 The ambience is wonderful in a wine bar with all the servers, bartenders being well versed in their knowledge of wines.  On this night, we were quickly seated and served which is another staple of the bar.  A little loud this particular night due to a small business party but the wine and cheese and company more than made up for that.

Flights were quickly ordered and delivered with everyone trying a different series. And with great presentation, a little flight tool (Now I’d like that for my house) that housed our glasses perfectly.  Back to the wines, I tried the Malbec Medley, becoming a recent fan of Malbec’s.  These Malbec’s were all Argentina wines and had the smell & taste of full body berries.  All very good though the Mendoza wine, with a touch of lavender & dark berry fruits, was a little too sweet for my tastes.  I like my red’s velvety smooth yet bold.

As we were headed off to dinner soon after, we ordered cheese plates to compliment the wine.  While a great platter of bold blue cheese, parmesan, and few other great cheeses was ordered, I took the waitress’s advise as I was looking for a spicy cheese (is there such a thing?).  Unfortunately, that cheese platter was a bust with a mild blue cheese that tasted like it had gone bad and the spicy cheese was full of mustard seeds and just tasted awful.  And the others at the table agreed.  But needless to say we finished off all the other cheeses along with bread and great peppery cracker bread.  Oh & not to mention the wine and headed to dinner!

Crú is great no matter where you try it!  And it is worth trying, wine lover or not! 



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