Bon Appetit!

Being a fan of Italian food, I had to try out Toscana hidden away at the Specialty Shops in Southpark.  Recommended by another foodie, it wasn’t easy to find.  Tucked away behind Brick Tops, if you didn’t know of this place, you’d never stop in and eat there.  And that would truly be a shame!

A small restaurant with a great atmosphere full of windows to let the light shine through & friendly staff, & nice patio seating on a beautiful days.  Being a small restaurant, seating is pretty tight inside & depending on who is sitting next to you, it can be hard to hear others at your table, as such was the case at times with my recent visit.

The waitress was very prompt and friendly as well as the servers.  The menu is truly authentic Italian, not one of those wanna be restaurants.  And everything was made fresh.  I had to try the ricotta ravioli with a basil sauce and it was delish.  The plate servedImage was warm rather than hot but still very good.  Of course, I had to have extra sauce as I’m a sauce queen J  The waitress was happy to get me extra sauce but made it point to tell me it’s made to order so it would be a few minutes….now that is fresh!  And I had a craving for polenta for a while now so definitely had to try it.  A simple dish with parmesan was ok with some crushed black peppers and hot sauce but nothing to rave about.  I’ll have to try one of their specials next time with a protein.  And there are so many other entrees I must try as well so definitely worth another visit 😉

Desserts & after meal drinks were in abundance.  I was talked into (yes I know hard to believe) a chocolate dessert, dark chocolate with a light mascarpone mouse.  Yummy….so light but good.  Now this is how chocolate cake should be.  Torta di Cioccolato, flourless 


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