Great place to work, deliver Great food, Great Service, and Great value to guests everyday……


 The title is actually the founding principles of Village Tavern & totally true!  It was a little hard to find the place as it’s tucked behind an office building in the South park Charlotte, NC area.  Parking is also limited and often you have to park on the street.  I luckily arrived early enough to find a good spot before the lunch crowd started J  I decided to dine inside though the patio seating looked nice & spacious.  If it wasn’t 80+ degrees, I would’ve tried but the warm weather didn’t bother many guests who opted for patio seating. 

I was a little disappointed by one of the hostesses though.  Not a good impression for a new customer.  When asked if my party had arrived, the response was “you can look around” rather than “let me check.”  Thankfully, there were other, much nicer & more helpful hostesses around.

Service was great!  Had a waitress at the table as I was just sitting down and she was quick to take my drink order.  When my guest arrived, she was just as quick & attentive.  And the water glass was never low…a good sign of great service.

The menu is plentiful and the specials were good though I ordered off the menu.  Really wished I had tried the special tomato basil soup but next time.  The menu offers appetizer salads and large salads as your entrée.  I opted for an appetizer salad, House Tavern Salad.  Normally, I don’t do salads but you’ve got to be a little healthy sometimes!  I did ask for extra cheese and croutons…can’t be totally healthy 😉  The salad arrived but minus the extra cheese and croutons.  However, the lunch server was happy to provide me quickly.  Have to say it was a pretty good salad with fresh lettuce, crumbled blue cheese, tomatoes, onions, and the Tavern’s own vinaigrette…yum!  The Italian rustic pepperoni pizza was tasty.  Nice thin crust pizza made from Pivetti Pizza flour from Northern Italy.  And added bonus, its Gluten free!  In fact, the restaurant offers many Gluten free menu items. 

Surprisingly passed on dessert on this visit.  Just ate way too much but will try next time.

A great restaurant that you must try…so what if it’s hidden it’s worth the find!


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