Se sont amuses!

Image It’s been a long time since I’ve written…been busy with personal issues.  But I’m glad to be back at it!  Eating bland food has been tough these past few weeks J

So let’s get started with my review of a French restaurant.  Yes, you may find that odd if you know me.  I’m a lover of Italian, Mexican, Indian, Thai, and Pizza but was looking forward to my French experience.

Georges Brasserie, in South park Charlotte, NC, was the site of this first culinary experience.  Conveniently located near the office, I headed over there to an almost empty restaurant.  But to be fair, it was 11:30 so the lunch rush hadn’t started.  Service was great, the waitress was quick to take care of us and share the specials & the water glass was never low!  

I’ve visited Georges before, on a social occasion, for drinks in the bar only.  A weekend visit, during basketball season, was quite busy & the drinks were great!  But since I had not dined there, I was excited to see what the food would be like. 

Being a French restaurant, it’s mostly seafood.  So, if you’re a seafood fan…this is your place.  The scallops and clams were the special for the day but there were other items other seafood.

Since it was Monday, and my veggie day, I tried the veggie burger & my fav, mac & cheese side.  When the plate arrived, boy was it full!  Didn’t except so much food!  The veggie burger was large and the mac & cheese was served in a small skillet.  I have to say I was disappointed in the veggie burger though.  First, because it was so large, it was hard to eat or cut into to halve.  It was to be a fresh veggie patty with tomatoes, cheddar cheese, harissa oil on a brioche roll.  Harissa oil, a Tunisian ingredient which has a hot chili taste…yum.  However, the patty itself lacked seasoning & parts of it looked burned.  Definitely a turn off!

The mac & cheese was cooked with a nice brown coating and tasted delish….until I hit a piece of bacon.  Would have liked the menu to indicate it was cooked with bacon for a non bacon lover like me….especially on my veggie day.  I ended up eating around the bacon & it was great!  Nice & crusty brown with lots of cheese…it became a good meal! 

Dessert is a must as I have such a sweet tooth J  So we ordered a flourless chocolate cake with ice-cream.  Oh my, how good!  It was quite rich and I could only have a few bites but so worth it…  That’s why workouts are essential J

It is a little pricey and gets very busy by Noon but a great experience to have.  If you have time for drinks in the bar area one night, especially the weekend, I highly recommend.

While I’m not a French lover, I’d like to try Georges again, preferably on a meat day!

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