Finally a great Calzone!

Image When I’m stressed, I eat, as many of us do.  But on really stressful days all I want is cheese & so I turned to my fav cheese calzone!

Portofino’s, on Park Road in Charlotte, NC, has the best calzone I’ve had in a very long time!  And it definitely hit the spot.  I’ve visited other Portofino’s in the past so I know their food & service is top notch.  However, I may have dined on one of their bad days L

The hostess, a young college girl, seemed very confused when I asked for a large table, though I was dining alone.  In fact, she left me to take care of the other customers.  Hmmm….not a good impression and I could tell from there it maybe an off day.

I was finally seated in the large back dining area at a large table…yay!  I’m a woman and I just need my space J  There were a few customers in the area so there was an abundance of waiters/waitresses in around however, not one of them showed up to serve me.  I tried the make eye contact strategy to get their attention but nothing.  Finally, I caught up to one of the waiters and he apologized for not being waited on.  The food came out pretty fast, served by another waiter.  Apparently 3 different staff members were servicing the entire area so one would think I’d have someone check on me periodically…nope! 

Now the food was great.  Love me some cheese calzones and it’s been ages since I found a great place for them.  But there’s plenty more they offer like authentic Italian pizzas, pastas, and sandwiches.  On another occasion I dined, my lunch friend ordered cheese ravioli…yum!  While it was a small plate it still looked good!  And the customer service was much better!  Guess if you’re a loner you Do get treated differently :0

The meals are moderately priced at about $8-10 per dish except salads. 

Definitely worth a try if you’re into Italian food….I plan on visiting it again!





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