Pizza….ummm not today

si_Uw280h280_Pic10Feeling a little blah today so decided to head out & eat badly. So the car headed to California Pizza at the Mall. Since it was a nice/sunny day out, I decided to dine outside. And did I mention I needed some me time….

Arriving at the ideal lunch time, the hostess stand was empty. A few people were also ahead of me waiting. Not a good sign during your busiest time….Perhaps there should be 2 hostesses? I did finally get seated outside. With a great view of the fountain & the little kids playing around, I was set.

A waiter quickly came to get my drink order & returned promptly but without the normal bread & oil. It was provided when asked & a very small portion at that. Guess they thought one person deserved very little oh but they haven’t met me!
Rather than a pizza, I decided on a pasta…my other vice. So four cheese ravioli in a pomodoro sauce was ordered. Now I must warn you, if you like sauce order extra on this dish as it came with very little. In addition, it wasn’t a true pomodoro sauce. This sauce is different than its cousin marinara by being a thicker & chopped tomatoes sauce. With that, it’s usually a darker sauce as well. However, this is a light, thin colored sauce with a little parsley served on top. My plate arrived a little warm rather than hot but I still decided to go for it.

Now if you know me or have even read my blog, you know I love cheese! When I’m stressed or feeling blah, I load up on cheese. But so not the case with this dish. It had little cheese, little sauce and no heat. A shame cause of the price. For $2 more at Maggigano’s I would get more cheese + another take home pasta dish. But it was worth a try.

I’ll stick to the pizza next time here! Oh & make sure to download the app on your phones for great discounts!


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