Italian food inspired by Tuscany

ImageA little late in posting the newest place I enjoyed but it’s been a hectic week.  So let’s get to it.

If you know me or have been reading my blog, you must know a few things about me by now:  Picky eater, cheese lover, & enjoys Italian food.  Well, Brio was a great fit for me!

Having been at Brio’s near Southpark in the past, I know of its reputation & atmosphere just had forgotten about it.  I’ve normally visited the bar area on a weekend for drinks before heading out somewhere else so getting to dine in the main room was nice.

I headed over with a friend for lunch just to relax & have a little fun.  And fun we had & enjoyed some great food/service too!

When you walk in, the hostess is friendly & ensures you’re seated immediately.  While there was only the two of us, we were treated to a spacious booth.  Great because we like our space J 

When you walk into the dining room,  you notice the warm colors & low lighting immediately.  As we walked to our booth, we passed a wonderful area we’ll try next time.  Bar style seating overlooking the kitchen…interesting!  And with enough distance from the wood fried oven so you don’t miss any eyebrows J

The seating is great & the room is spacious with booths and tables alike.  Our waiter, Robbie, arrived immediately & was happy to tell us all about the specials and the lunch lites. 

And when it came to ordering, it was tough I admit.  So much great stuff to choose from!  While my friend enjoyed the flatbread/salad combo, I went straight for carbs….Pasta Alla Vodka.  Oh my it was sooo good!  You can have it with pancetta but I did without as the only meats I like are chicken and lamb.  The pasta was authentic & handmade…so tender and delicious.  The ricotta cheese was just right…not too much not too little.  The sauce is delish…yes by the name you guessed it’s a vodka sauce with garlic, basil, parmesan, and tomatoes with a little spice!  Yum!  While the plate looks smaller than some restaurants, don’t worry, it’s more than enough to fill you up.  I even ended up with leftovers.  Oh & a side note, ask for a small side of pesto sauce.  The mix with the tomato spicy sauce makes the sauce even better!

Wish we had space for dessert…maybe next time.

Now it’s a great place for food, service, great atmosphere but with all that you’ll pay a little for the food too.  Though some of the lunch specials were $8.95 with entrée and salad.  My dish was $16 but so worth it for me.  Though for lunch, maybe a bit more than I’d spend every day.

Now go and enjoy & try out their Bellini Brunch on the weekends!



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