Oh…spicy…bring it on!

Chicken 65 Yum!

Chicken 65 Yum!

wpid-IMG_20131023_204152_072.jpgwpid-IMG_20131023_204255_997.jpgwpid-IMG_20131023_204406_169.jpgAfter a long day, I headed over for some food therapy! & Spice South Indian Cuisine was the spot for just that! Often I think I should’ve been born a South Indian since that’s my taste in food. (Though I’m very happy being a Sindhi)

Since I was craving a dosa…I knew exactly what to order. Though the restaurant carries everything from traditional vegetarian, non-veg, dishes and desserts.
Since I was super hungry, I wanted an appetizer to boot 😉

Spice South is hidden in a nice area on Ardery Kell Road, at Fountains Shopping center. Now don’t go in expecting some grand place… it’s not. A small but quant restaurant with minimal artwork & decor. Even the staff is minimal…only 1 person manning the floor. That was a little hard to understand because trying to handle just a few tables can be challenging. And such was the case on this weeknight. Many tables tried to get the waiter’s attention + the phone was ringing off the hook. Since one person was seating guests, taking orders, delivering the order, answering phone, helping To Go customers, clearing tables, etc he must have been tired.

I ordered Chicken 65 with extra spice. This equates to Chili Chicken at other restaurants. Chicken 65 is boneless chicken (the only way I will eat any meat) deep fried & served with an orange sauce with tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, yogurt, curry leaves, The chicken was cooked so well…nice & tender. Oh & the smell of it was just heaven….in fact, you smelled the dish even before you saw it! As it was very spicy & a large serving, I couldn’t finish it all…not eve 1/2. Leftovers are awesome ;). I would’ve liked it to be served as a true appetizer though..it was served minutes before my meal.

My entree was Pondicherry spicy Dosa. Dosas are a southern specialty…A thin rice crepe cooked with no fat! This one was cooked with red spices & stuffed with a potato filling served with sambar (curry) & coconut chutney. Again, a large plate but sooo good.

And what drink to enjoy all this spicy food with…a beer of course! The restaurant serves beer & wine and the selection of Indian beers is nice. I tried Maharaja…my first time. Good light beer that went well with my meal.

And the restaurant is not expensive like perhaps Blue Taj. Now I love Blue Taj but inexpensive it’s not. Prices here are reasonable. Dosas are $7-$9 while the entrees are $14-$20. And it’s definitely family style portions.

Go & try it out soon! & tell me what you think about it.

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