Pizza Pizza

ImageImageImage/ Happy Holidays!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve wrote but it is the holidays & I’ve stayed very busy with them.  Hope everyone had a great holiday as I did.

So let’s talk about a pizzeria I ate at during the holidays…Wolfman Pizza at Quail Corners on Park Road.  At first look, it looked like a small, empty place as I walked by to do a little shopping.  But when I walked inside, it was actually full; the seating can’t be seen as the booths are further in and tall.

Luckily a booth was empty, even though I was by myself, I need my space 🙂  The place is small but they do make the most of it.  With a few tables up front, several large booths, and even bar style seating with a great view of the pizzas being cooked.

A family friendly place, on this night, you saw a variety of people from elders, to young kids, to the high school/college crowd. 

The menu is unique, printed on a newspaper, with a variety of pizza toppings.  “The Laboratory” section of the menu allows you to create your own unique pie from the sauce, to the crust, to the variety of cheeses.  Want a Black Bean sauce pie with Bleu Cheese & Bean Sprouts…it’s yours here!

Since it was my veggie day, I tried the White Wolf pizza.  The 10 in pizza arrived & was delish!  Garlic butter, New York style crust, with mozzarella/parmesan/Swiss cheeses, topped with Roma tomatoes minus the basil!  The size was just right, though I couldn’t finish it.  One thing I didn’t care for was all the oil…it was everywhere.  A little paper napkin to soak it up & I was good.  The cheese was oozing everywhere…the way I like it 🙂

On tap, local beers which I think is great!  I enjoyed a nice NoDa ale, a little darker than I expected but still good. 

$ is good too…I recommend you try if you’re a pizza lover!




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