Don’t take anything seriously, except food!

Recently, I got to try a new Mexican restaurant in the Southpark area.  And when I say new, I mean new to me as the restaurant opened in April 2013.

Hidden behind Crate & Barrel @ Southpark, a few feet down from CowFish, is a great Mexican restaurant worth trying…Chuy’s!  While the location has been home to a few restaurants, I remember it last as M5.  A cool little place where the Who’s Who of Charlotte could be seen.

The décor is fantastic!  From the moment you walk in, (make sure to look up at the celling as you’ll see antique cameras on display) you’re transformed into their Tex Mex & eclectic environment.  The bar, with its own “car trunk” buffet area for the Happy Hour Nacho Bar special, to the Wall of Dogs, to the main dining area with palm trees, & Elvis décor, the place certainly makes an impression on you instantly.  The large patio out back would be great during the spring & summer months too. 

And the food packs a punch!  Make sure to try some of the Big as Yo’ Face Burritos or the loaded nachos…yum!  And as the name says, be ready to eat lots!  I ordered the beans & cheese Big as Yo’ Face Burrito and could barely get ½ of it down.  You could taste the freshness of the 12-inch tortilla, made in house.  In fact, Chuy’s Food Fullosophy touts authentic food all made in house.

When you are seated, you’re brought the normal platter of chips with two dips:  salsa (Fresca with a little heat) & a buttermilk jalapeno ranch with a tang.  The salsa tastes authentic & fresh with just a little heat but for the burrito, I asked for the full hot/spicy experience….got it!  And for those of you not sure how hot to order it, check out their spice meter.  They offer 7 signature sauces made in house from mild to hot!  & of course, I asked for the Hot!  

The Nachos looked & tasted great too…with handmade fresh chips topped with just enough sauce, beans, & cheese to give you that Tex Mex flavor.  Definitely trying those next time! 

And the prices match the food…which at times in the Southpark area doesn’t happen 🙂

Can’t wait for my next visit!




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Dine with the Dead!




Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob

Intrigued…are you? So was I when I was introduced to a new Mexican eatery in Atlanta, GA recently. Recommended by my cool sis, who if you haven’t realized is just awesome & knows her way around GA, I was ready to try out Bone Garden Cantina.
Run by a couple (hope they are still “Happily married”) influenced by their Southern Cali upbringing. The thought behind the restaurant is to offer something different than the usual “Americanized” & often bad Mexican food out there. In fact, check out what they say on the back of the menu about the other Mexican restaurants!

Located on Ellsworth Industrial Blvd, its Atlanta’s best hidden place to eat authentic Mexican. And from the moment you pull into the parking lot, with one of the many skeletons looking over you, you know it’s going to be an experience.
The restaurant is located in what appears to be an industrial building, with open fresh air. Though on this chilly night, we rushed to get into the restaurant. To keep patrons warm during the colder season, the restaurant has constructed what appears to be a small sun room with a heater running …so needed!

From the moment you enter the doors, you are intrigued by the Dia De Los Muertos décor. Now I wouldn’t recommend this place for very young children, it could be intimidating though my 7 yr. old niece thought it was just “cool” & “weird!” The walls, counter tops, ceiling, anywhere they can put décor….it’s there. That I thought was a bit much but I did enjoy the motorcycle man suspended from the ceiling separating the bar from the dining area.

And be ready for long wait times when you arrive especially on weekends. We arrived close to 9 on a Friday night and had an hour wait! Now the wait is also due to the fact that it’s a very small restaurant. When sitting, when you extend your arm, you will be touching the person at the next table! But that too adds to its charm. Since we were starving, one hour wait wasn’t going to cut it. So on we moved to the small bar in hopes of finding space & quickly we did. The bar is very accustomed to serving guests meals because of the wait times.
And sitting at the bar, you got to peak into the kitchen as the kitchen window was right there. Boy that kitchen was just churning it out that night! Not to mention you were mesmerized by the wonderful skeleton alcohol bottles!

Now being a Mexican restaurant, they certainly had plenty of tequila on hand some in wonderful/unique head skull bottles. Offering 60+ types of tequila on the menu, you were surely to find one you liked. And if you didn’t, don’t despair the bartenders are happy to assist with items from the “Fun with Booze” menu.
The menu is vast & unique offering normal Mexican dishes with a twist. All the food is authentic & fresh and you can certainly taste it. This is no Taco Bell! A few great items we enjoyed that night:
• Chips & Salsa with Queso – loved the Queso with tomatoes and jalapenos…
spicy & cheesy! Salsa was ok but very mild.
• The guacamole is nice too…not the normal green goop you see. It was
actually served as a sauce mixed with tomato, onion, & cilantro.
• Mas Queso – Very large Queso (if you don’t speak Spanish hehe). Melted
with more cheese than you’ll ever need with sour cream, guacamole. Since
I love cheese…of course I enjoyed it!
• Rice & Bean combo – Refried vegetarian beans & Spanish rice with all the
seasonings. I must say the best Spanish rice I’ve had in a very long
time! Good flavor & spice.
• Elote – grilled corn on the cob just like in India with spices sprinkled
on top
• Drinks were awesome too! Can’t handle my tequila so I opted for vodka,
the Macho Canelo Punch. A light citrus drink that went down smooth & hit
you quick well;) & sis enjoyed a different kinda margarita.

Pricing is reasonable especially considering the freshness of the food. You must try this hidden yet great Atlanta restaurant! Go online now & check them out….oh and make sure to read the Restaurant Rules on the back of the menu …hilarious & true!

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